Friday, June 13, 2008

Raison D'etre

If you look up "raison d'etre" in any old dictionary the definition is given as such:

Noun: Reason or justification for existing

This is one of the biggest philosophical questions we face in our lifetimes. If I were into conducting surveys, worked as a statistician or simply just wasn't as lazy as I am, I might be tempted to poll some people asking if they knew their reason for existing and were they fulfilling that reason in their daily lives. My belief is that most people are like me and would answer:

I don't know my reason for being here on this planet and no I'm not living my day-to-day life fulfilling said unknown/known reason.

I simultaneously feel comfort that I am not alone, but also sadness that much of humanity are just "going through the motions" of their lives, never connecting themselves to a purpose or passion. Creating this blog and hopefully consistently contributing to it, will be my attempt at inching slowly towards something that I am passionate about and when engaged in, it is indeed my Raison D'etre and that my friends is writing.

I do not pretend I am extremely talented at this, that I can write a best-selling, critically acclaimed anything, but it is something I enjoy, it is something that brings me happiness and a sense of accomplishment I've rarely and/or never have felt professionally. To be fair, I've never tried utilizing writing in my "career." I've never given in to the overwhelming fear of potentially failing at something I enjoy to do so thoroughly. So this is my small step in realizing change, to be proactive about my life and its meaning and to live out my day-to-day existence at least doing something, if only for 15 minutes, that I am truly passionate about and makes me happy. I can't promise excitement, perfect grammar or life-changing philosophical passages, just that this exercise of putting words on a page(or screen) sustains me, it is my Raison D'etre.

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