Friday, September 26, 2008

An Offering

To my beautiful and wondrous friend Laurey, I bask in your glory and awesomeness and will gladly take down anyone, just ask. This is for and dedicated to you my friend.

An Offering

To be you
scattered and dull
with no home or origin
You are a toothpick, flaccid and weak
unable to withstand this force
you like to
discard people
like a piece of gum that's lost it taste

To be her
soaring and golden
reaching back through generations
She is a pillar, strong
and immovable. Her embrace
is soft, all encompassing
fiercely calm and beautiful
like the culmination of
every sunset.

Your mouth is
a house of lies.
Your lips are laced with acid.
I see you
for what
you are. A boy
to be a man.

Her lips will never
your praises.
My mouth releases
this truth, across sisterhoods
boundless through time.
If you're wondering
what that is you're feeling
it's just my
vermilion stare
carving out pieces, an offering
to this goddess.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Here In My Head

So my brain is quite literally a flutter this afternoon; work issues, family issues, relationship stuff, things I need to get done over the weekend, upcoming time off requests, worries, stress, conversations had, unspoken needs and wants, dance parties, fantasy football match ups, books, words, lyrics, poems, blogs; my synapses must looked like a California highway at rush hour!

Now I do not enjoying preaching, speaking or even having any of my words imply anything political, but I must say this: regardless of your party affiliation, if you even have one, please, PLEASE be an informed voter and research each candidate's stance on issues that are important to you! Enough of this, he said, she said smearing! I mean honestly are we all such lemmings that we can't make a decision (read: vote) for someone based purely on their party affiliation, their gender or the color of their skin?? This is an important election year folks, yes there is war, yes the global political climate is searing, yes everyday hardworking Americans are struggling. What scares me the most is the fact that TWO Supreme Court judges will most likely be retiring during the next President's term, so pick a candidate aligned with issues that are important to you! Research! Read! Ask Questions! But for the love of all things good and worth living for in this life, for personal freedom, for our children and our children's children, be informed and VOTE in November!

Moving on...

My mind has been heavy with the thoughts of relationships recently; mother, father, sister, husband, friend, all kinds of relationships and bonds. As children we live in a and have a very small worldview and frame of reference. The family we have and how we interact is all that we know. It's through experience, through meeting and speaking with other people that our perspective and frame of reference can morph and broaden. I recently had an amazing "conversation" with my younger sister. I say "conversation" because most of it consisted of yelling, screaming, partial choking, a whole lotta crying, but the amazing and wonderful thing is it ended in a better understanding of one another and a stronger relationship as sisters and friends.

I pride myself on being a good listener, I mean it is part of my job to listen well, to pick up on any red flags a candidate may be telling me indirectly, to leverage a person's uncertainty or indecision into a willingness to switch jobs or even move across the country. I've mentioned my seeming super-power to elicit confessions from practical strangers or for friends and loved ones to give me their dark secrets as a place of sanctuary and safe-keeping. But someone I've known longer than most people in this world and I thought I understood and listened to effectively, kindly, and emphathetically, made it quite clear and I've come to understand, that was not the case. It is so easy to get into behavioral routine with those in our lives; as they say we are creatures of habit. It's easy to react the same way in similar situations, especially around those we are comfortable with being ourselves. Not to say that everyone is walking around with a bleeding heart and hoarding deep issues resulting is self-hatred or doubt, but this routine and coasting along is risky. We owe it to ourselves and the enrichment of relationships of those we care about to never assume, to break the cycle of redundancy and habit.

There is a lot of shit out there in the world, so much negativity and cynicism and if we can't foster and cultivate the relationships we have and probably take for granted, what is the point? I refuse to get stuck in a cycle, to slowly build resentment or widen a gap of seeming understanding with presumption and assumptions. People are complicated creatures, we have the ability to go about our days with a smile on our face and sadness in our hearts. We have the ability to offer solace and comfort to others even on our worst days. You simply never know what is truly going on in a person's life, what they are feeling and experiencing, which is why it is essential to move beyond the status quo and embrace our brothers, sisters, friends and lovers with an offering of flexibility, a never ending supply of empathy and willingness to understand.